• remus


It took me a while to get around to it but I've finally gotten around to removing everyone from here. Thank you all for sticking around, but no I haven't changed my mind. :) You can all go ahead and remove appeasable from your watched communities lists now, as well as your affiliates lists if we were affiliated.

Loved and TFT prize winners: I decided to open an invite (loved) only community instead of keeping appeasable open... you should all have received an invite to frizzable, and I've added an extra 7 weeks of loved time to those of you that are on limited passes. ♥ Haven't received your invite? Comment on the public post over @ frizzable. :)

Thanks again everyone! And especially to all of the people who left kind comments on my last post when I announced that I was closing the community. I really appreciate it. :) ♥